Litigation and Dispute Resolution

ML’s attorneys have experience mediating, arbitrating, and litigating issues related to the energy industry.  These involve understanding complex mineral ownership, conveyancing problems, interpreting deeds, oil and gas leases and assignments, conflicts over which can lead to disputes.  ML’s attorneys are especially adept in evaluating and advocating for our clients in defending against claims of partial or complete termination of leases/assignments, disputes between mineral and royalty owners, working interest owners, and oil field service providers, breach of contract, fraud and negligence.  ML will work to avoid and/or resolve these disputes whether it is by a settlement, through arbitration or mediation or, if necessary, by a trial.

Receiverships, Receivers and Liquidators

ML’s attorneys have successfully represented clients in many Texas counties in opening statutory Receiverships for mineral interests pursuant to §64.091 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and obtaining Oil and Gas Leases from the Receiver in order to facilitate the exploration and development of the minerals under the client’s proposed prospect.  ML has successfully opened statutory Receiverships for royalty interests pursuant to §64.093 of the Texas Civil Practice Remedies Code and obtained Ratifications of the executive’s Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease to allow for the pooling of the nonparticipating or nonexecutive mineral interest owner’s interest.  ML has successfully opened other types of statutory Receiverships covering contingent interests and for low-value, small estates of minors.  In addition, ML’s clients sometimes own or acquire interests which have been put into a statutory receivership and ML can successfully represent you in removing such interests from the Receivership and have the funds held on deposit with the Court distributed to you. Our attorneys have also been called upon to act as court-appointed liquidators and receivers, charged with the duties of identifying, preserving, managing and selling producing oil and gas properties throughout the United States.

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