Renewable Energy, Solar and Wind Energy

ML’s attorneys are here to advise landowners, developers and investors on how they can maximize value from properties through solar photovoltaic systems and wind energy development. These renewable energy systems consist of hundreds of acres of solar panels harnessing solar energy and field of wind turbines harnessing wind energy with the developers of these systems depending on our attorneys to identify and help them acquire tracts for developing and constructing these large-scale facilities. Our attorneys understand the specific issues which determine a property’s viability for a solar or wind energy project, including the size of the property, its proximity to transmission lines and substations, wetlands requirements, environmental concerns, endangered species protections and land-use regulations.

Our firm has extensive experience working on legal issues, title concerns, and accommodating existing and proposed land usage for large-tract landowners and our attorneys, some of whom have knowledge, backgrounds and experience in rural agriculture and ranching, have the ability to connect with large landowners.  Understanding the questions and concerns of rural landowners has allowed the firm to obtain leases and assist developing properties for our clients where others could not.  This competitive advantage translates into successful results for our clients. Our comprehensive approach to renewable energy laws and regulations provides seamless coordination in land use, development, acquisition, financing, leasing, and all other aspects of real estate work. This combination of knowledge and experience with land use and title issues allows ML to achieve the most advantageous terms for our clients.

ML supports clients on leasing, contracting, development, construction and the sale of property for both solar and wind operations, by conducting due-diligence, working with landowners to obtain satisfactory lease terms, rendering title opinions and ownership reports and performing other transactional services.  In addition to the development of land dedicated for site use, our team offers guidance on developing and securing the infrastructure for development, including the acquisition of easements, rights-of-way, road use agreements and other surface use agreements necessary for development.

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